Essay on Physical Exercise

Essay on physical exercise
Essay on physical exercise

Essay on Physical Exercise


The health is the most important thing in our life it’s a god given gift, So we should take care of our health by doing exercise daily. This is about the benefits and a essay on physical exercise.

Successful people always give priority to their health because they know having a good health is more value than any wealth.

Have a good 10 to 15mins workout give you lots of energy. Early morning work-out makes you a healthy person physically

10 to 15minutes workout make your body to have a good blood flow.

If you continue daily for a month doing exercise for 10-15 mins you will feel the difference you will be more fit and healthier than a month before


Most of the successful people always be fit because they always do their exercise as a daily routine

If you exercise early morning you will feel more energy and your day will be more productive and if you want to reduce weight you can do cardio workout in the morning

And if you exercise in the evening you can feel the relaxation in your body and you can also sleep peacefully in night. If you want to gain more muscle means do the weight lifting exercise in the evening








There are so many benefits and these are the essay on physical exercise these are some of the few benefits


Physical exercise always makes your body healthier it will also makes your bones and muscles stronger

Doing physical exercise will helps you to reduces the injuries but the same time if you doing the physical exercise wrongly also you will get injured

Most of the athlete and other sportsman will do physical exercise because they want to strengthen their bones and muscles to avoid injuries


Doing regular exercise for one hour a day which will make your body fit and also strengthen your bones and muscles

So by doing weight lifting will helps you to improve your muscles but in order to build more muscles in your body you should need a proper guide for the exercise

Not only weight lifting doing cardio and body exercise without equipment also makes your bones and muscles strengthen but comparing to weight lifting is less only


Physical exercise always gives you lots of energy. when you workout early morning it gives you lots of energy through out the day

1 hour before doing exercise have some pre-workout meal  so that you have more energy to do workout after that workout have some healthy post-workout meal which give gain more energy for that day

So doing physical exercise not only increase your energy physically but also mentally


Doing physical exercise will also reduce stress most of the people will have lots of stress in their because of lots of reason to overcome from that stress most of the youngster will always do physical exercise to overcome stress

Most of the youngster in India is doing physical exercise not only for being fit but also they want to reduce the pressure in the mind

According to some case study physical exercise will reduce stress and anxiety and it will also gives the positive vibe through out the day

Exercise can increase the production of endorphins, which are known to help produce positive feelings and reduce the perception of pain


Main reason for many people are doing physical exercise to make their body fit . As technology developed most of the people become so lazy and they became fat.

To reduce fat and become fit most of the youngster went to the gym for workout. According to some report there is only 35% of the people in the world are fit. But they also taken without six-pack person

Most of the people join the gym membership at jan1. And they will be only 2 to 5 % people will regularly come to gym after the gym membership

So to be fit you should be consistence because doing workout regularly only the result will be shown. If else there will be no result and your workout will be wasted


Doing workout will gives you lots of energy to your body. As the same when you came to bed in night you can able to sleep peacefully. Because workout also relaxed your body and you can have a good amount of sleep.

According to some report more than 10 million cases per year in India alone are suffering from insomnia. they are also saying that it’s very common in India.

Because of it most of the young children’s are not able to sleep properly and their body been affected.

It’s not only that if you have good amount of sleep [ 6 – 8 hours]. You can have more concentrate on your work and you can do your work easily more than before.

As per some case study most of the people who workout daily are able to sleep peacefully. This shows that physical exercise not only helps you gain more muscles but also helps you to sleep peacefully


Most of the athlete and actors who look still young and fit. More than other youngsters in the world for example

” In India some of the actors are looking so young even they were too old. The world famous actor “King of Bollywood” Shahrukh Khan sir looks so young even he was 55 years old. He is still handsome and charming”


Another example Most handsome actor in India Hrithik Roshan is looking so young and still dram boy for many girls. And his age is 47. He never looks like that even he went to huge transformation for his one of his blockbuster movie “war”

And so like we all discuss about early these both actors are so fit. They workout regularly so they look so young as we said physical exercise can reduce the skin aging problems

Not only actors most of the athlete are like that like M.S. Dhoni  , Messi , Cristiano Rolando and so many.

So these are the benefits and essay on physical exercise.


Physical exercise is the most important thing for having a good and healthy body. These are some of the benefits and essay on physical exercise. If you want more blogs about self help checkout this page Blogs 

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Essay on physical exercise

Essay on Physical Exercise

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