Redbus Success Story

Redbus Success Story

Redbus Inspiring Story:

In 2006 by Phanindra Sama, Sudhakar Pasupunuri and Charan Padmaraju, engineers from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science.  Founded  the book ticketing website for bus called Red Bus. They were also worked together at various organisations before founding the company. This is Redbus Success Story

This founders began operations in 2006, by tying up with various travel agents. For seat reservations through the RedBus portal With an initial investment of ₹500,000 only.

The TiE Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program was selected this Redbus company . And it was mentored on several aspects of the business in the same year. This company  already owns BOGDS, a cloud computing service for bus operators, and also SeatSeller, a GDS for bus inventory distribution.

The Redbus company appointed Prakash Sangam as its Chief executive officer in 2014, . He was ex Executive Vice President of Info Edge India (Naukri Group).  And also heading and

Therefore  RedBus appointed cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni, as its brand ambassador in 2014. And this marketing strategy was  got very reached all over the India. 

redbus motivational story

Positive Story:

To launch an online ticketing portal which was powered by redBus’s BOSS. The Redbus company has also announced a partnership with  (RSRTC) in the same year.

RedBus partnered with Acko in early 2019  for General Insurance. This help to offer travel insurance for its users. So that they can cover Insurance for  accidents, baggage loss, cancellation and also bus-type mismatch.  Truecaller also partnered with it. It is  a company popular for its caller ID.

Mainly this company is famous for  spam blocking solutions for mobile devices. So that both Redbus partner with this company to offer bus ticket booking. On Android devices for the user friendly.


Google Maps was partnership the redBus company for present travellers with information on busses. So that people can know where they are going. And also  ply between cities with the exact time and information on where to board the bus.

In June 2019,  Redbus launch new eco-smart option called rPool. It helps ride givers to share(pool) their vehicle to fellow ride takers. This Redbus sharing operations rPool was taken across all over India include Bengaluru, Pune and Hyderabad.

Amazon India was  partnered with redBus  in 26 November 2019. They  launch a bus ticket booking service on Amazon it helps the Redbus in International market. This is a part of Redbus Success story

Motivational Story:

The first Indian online bus ticketing platform is Redbus company. This company providing ticket booking facility through its website, iOS and Android mobile apps. The Bangalore is the RedBus company Headquartered.

The Bus travellers with a network of over 2500 bus operators which is connects with company. It also across all over the world including India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Peru and Colombia.

Which has a customer base of over 20 million. The company have achieved a GMV of ₹50 billion in 2018 . RedBus company was acquired in 2013 by Ibibo Group. This is the main part of Redbus success story.


Redbus got so many awards and this are some of the awards

  • In 2012 Fast Company amongst the world’s 50 most innovative companies award won by Redbus.
  • Eyefortravel award was presented by  Global Mobile Innovation in Travel Award in 2014.
  • Business Standard was presented the Most Innovative Company award to redbus.

 Success Case Study:

Everyone in the world always blame others or situation for their problem. But only successful entrepreneur will identify the problem. And eventually they will find the solutions. Being an successful entrepreneur is very simple. When you can able to solve a even a small problem in the society. With your idea and your hard work you can be the entrepreneur.

In this case study we can learn more things. Like how to find the solution for a problem. There is always a solution for every problem. But most of the people won’t find the solution. Because they don’t want to do anything  outside of their comfort zone.

redbus success case study

When you want to do something different for a problem. You always do something different like thinking outside of the box. In this case  Phanindra Sama, thought that people should know by themself. How many seats are available in every bus and he also though if the person can book the ticket. Even in the last minute if he can able to see the seat are available.

This are thinking outside of the box idea. Which can easy solve the people problems and people also can easily use it.

Redbus Story:

Phanindra Sama was worked in the Birla Institute of Technology and Science company in Bengaluru. When he planned to visit his home town during festival time in 2005. He decided to travel in the bus. Because of the festival timing he didn’t able to book the ticket in the bus.

So he asked the travel agent to book one ticket for him. Agent also called few people and said that their is no ticket. Then he gave the another agent number to ask him. Sama was also called him and explained the situation. The other agent also said there is no tickets are available after few calls.

redbus success story

After  this he cannot able to travel that day. He stayed in Bengaluru in the festival time. At that time he thought those agent called only few people for one tickets. He knew there are lots of bus for his home town to Bengaluru. In that there can be 90 % chances for one ticket available. But they didn’t able to get the ticket for him at that time.

Life changing story:

So Phanindra ask the travel agent how they able to find the ticket availability. And he also ask how their process work. Agent told the basic think and sama got the idea to solve this problem. Sama get the lots of information about this ticket booking for bus. And he decided to create a website for booking bus ticket.

And every passenger can able to see the ticket availability of every bus. For that he need help so with the help of his friends Sudhakar Pasupunuri and Charan Padmaraju. He started to create a website. After that his website became very famous. And useful for many people all over India and right now. It was used in many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and etc.

Redbus was sold to Ibibo Group in 2013. After that it was developed more like not only website. But also creating app for both apple & android. In booking also it’s not only for bus. But also for train and even cab. This was Redbus success story

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Redbus Success Story

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