MS Dhoni Success Story

ms dhoni success story
ms dhoni success story

MS Dhoni Success Story


Every cricket lovers knows his name. In India he is the biggest inspiration for the youngsters. Even after a century of years. He will be still listed in the top 5 list as a captain. And top 3 list as a finisher in the world. Here we are going to see about MS Dhoni Success Story.

When there is the situation were if “god of cricket “ Sachin got out means. All the people in India will switch off the tv after he was out and they do other works. Because they don’t believe that India will win if sachin is not there.

But then after he arrived even last over India wants 16 runs. But if he was not-out means people don’t switch off the tv. Because they believe in him. People think and believe that he can make India win in any situation. And he also done unbelievable victories for India.

MS Dhoni Motivation Story

Dhoni done so many things in cricket that even no one can still can break it. This blog we are going to see about the his incredible achievements in cricket and we also see about his early life


Dhoni was born in Ranchi, Bihar. MSD is a biggest fan of god of cricket sachin and he was admire to  Adam Gilchrist because of his wicket keeping skills.

In early school days dhoni was very interested in playing football and he also in school football team as a goalkeeper. But his coach select him as a cricket player because of his keeping skills. Even dhoni didn’t played any cricket matches but he was quite interest about cricket too. Then slowly he became a regular wicketkeeper at Commando cricket club (1995–1998).

MSD success story

After his 10th standard also dhoni was focused on cricket.


In 1998 Dhoni was started playing for CCL team. So CCL is a big opportunity for dhoni , he got a chance to bat up the order.

Dhoni was played good in that tournament he scored 488 runs in 9 matches , 12 innings in that tournament he done 5 fifties, 17 catches and 7 stumpings


In 2004/05 Dhoni was picked for India A team playing against Bangladesh for ODI.  But dhoni was got run out for a duck on a debut and it was not a good start. This was the toughest day for him and this change his life. This was the beginning of MS Dhoni Motivation Story


It was the first match were dhoni name was known by everyone. It’s against Sri lankan bilateral ODI series ( October – November 2015).At that time he had a good opportunity. To come batting in No.3 position after Tendulkar got out. And target was set as 299.In reply, India lost Tendulkar early.

MS Dhoni's Famous innings

After Dhoni was came in the position 3 he played very well and he also scored 183 runs in 145 balls and stayed not out that was the winning game for India. This was the fist innings that Dhoni is noticed by everyone.


Dhoni always considered to be the best finisher in the world. He helped India to win many match as a finisher. His most famous and iconic shot is helicopter shot. Here are some of the example Innings

CB Series India vs Australia ( 2012 ):

This was a awesome match one of the best finishing match ever done by dhoni

270 was the target scored by Australia and when India went for a chase and it was a good start by Gambhir the run-rate went well. And then the twist started gambhir got out then the raina and dhoni came to batting raina was in the good touch but at the opposite end dhoni is not in the form.

He could not able to convert single itself then again back to back wicket raina and jajeda got out in last two overs. So now the best finisher comes for the party then last 4 balls 12 runs to win the only batsman in the field.

MS Dhoni Motivation Story

The fourth ball goes for the six, then 3 balls 6 to win. and third ball is a no ball and dhoni got two runs so 3 balls 3 to win

In the free hit dhoni run for 3 runs and won the match

This match is considered as one of the nail biting match.


If we take the top 5 lists of world best captain in a decade MSD will be in that list. He is one if the best captain that India ever had in lifetime. He is the so calm and cool captain that India ever seen.

His has one of the nickname as  “CAPTAIN COOL.” He achieved so many things as a captain. Here we are going to see about iconic match were won because of his captaincy. This was the major part of the MS Dhoni Success Story.

India vs Pakistan Finals T20 world cup 2007:

T20 is very new to cricket and India promote Dhoni as a captain with team full of youngsters. No experience player are there like sachin, dravid, shewag only harbajan singh and yuvaraj singh are there remaining is full of youngsters

Every one thought India will not reach the semi finals itself but Dhoni got other ideas. He took the team into the finals it was the big match  because it was India vs Pakistan so their rivalry become more hype to their match.

Last over 13 runs to win expert said that dhoni should go with the leading spinner for the last over but Dhoni has other plans he goes with joginder sharma was the bowler go bowl last over and misbah ul haq on the batting end.

MS Dhoni's trophy t20 world cup

First ball sharma bowls wide and 12 runs need from 6 balls. Dhoni advice sharma to make sure he feel comfortable

Then first ball was a dot, and second ball goes for the six, Every Pakistan fans were so happy because its just 6 runs need from 4 balls but Dhoni was very calm and he talk with the bowler and change the field then the third ball misbah tried for a four and the ball went high and sreesanth took the catch India won the first T2o world cup with full of youngsters under Dhoni captaincy these was the important victory for dhoni which makes him the future captain for all the format of the cricket. This was the important part in the MS Dhoni Success Story.


If some one say who is the best wicketkeeper in the world means everyone will say Dhoni. He is man of speed, his speed and presence of mind he done so many things in wicketkeeping, we are going to see about  some of the best incident in cricket

MS Dhoni Motivation Story

The only wicketkeeper who catch the ball and throw to the stump without seeing and he done two times one with Bangladesh and other with New Zealand both were iconic runout done by none other than captain cool MSD

He done so many records in wicketkeeping. He is the like a real life flash because he was very speed in wicketkeeping Now we are going to see about the best reason why he is the fastest wicketkeeper.

Dhoni took Mitchell Marsh wicket as a stumping in Rahul Sharma over that was the lightning speed stumping. That stumping speed is  0.09 seconds and set the record for the quickest stumping in cricket history.


Dhoni famous nickname is thala which is called by south Indian ( Tamil Nadu ) people. And more importantly he was the captain of the most famous IPL team CSK ( CHENNAI SUPER KINGS ). After that only he got the nickname as THALA.

CSK 2018 victory

In IPL history Chennai super kings lifted a IPL Trophy four time ( in 2010, 2011, 2018, 2021 ).They hold the records of most appearances in the IPL playoffs (11) and in the final (9).


Dhoni biography movie was released in 30 September 2016 in India. Director by Neeraj Pandey, produced by Arun Pandey; Fox Star Studios The late Sushant Singh Rajput was played M.S.Dhoni character and movie was a blockbuster hit in the Indian flim industry.

MS Dhoni's the untold story

Sushant Singh Rajput practice more than a year for this movie. And On screen he recreated Dhoni on the movie and this movie was a blockbuster and turning point in his career. This was the one of the milestone in MS Dhoni Success Story


  • Dhoni is having the record of most back to back wins by a Indian captain in ODIs
  • The only captain in the world who made the India in number one position in test and also he made India won all trophies
  • ICC World Cup Trophy ,T20 world cup Trophy , ICC Champion Trophy.
  • The first cricketer to win ICC’s ODI Cricketer of the year twice. He won in 2008 and 2009
  • Dhoni has the most stumping in ODI career with 123 stumping
  • He is the number one wicketkeeper in all three format in India. Dhoni also will be in top 5 list in all three format of best wicketkeeper in the world.
MS Dhoni's world cup winning shot
  • M S Dhoni is the only player to captain 50 or more matches in each format. He captain India 60 tests, 199 ODI ,72 T20
  • Dhoni is the only player has most consecutive T20 Innings without a duck (84)
  • He is the only player who scored two centuries in ODI cricket when he is batting at 7 or eight position
  • M S dhoni has most not out in ODI’s which is 84
  • Dhoni has played the most international match as a captain 332 matches

This was one of the biggest milestone in MS Dhoni Success Story.


In life everyone has a dream but most of the people never follow their dreams they just forget the dream and go for other jobs for their family situation or something else.

Remember one thing dhoni also faced the same situation but he never give up on his dreams. He fight for it till the end and He done so many records in his career. He is the icon in cricket. If he didn’t follow his dreams we couldn’t able to won these world-cups and we may could lose a most successful captain for India. This was the MS Dhoni Success Story

MS Dhoni Motivation Story


As the famous quotes from MSD

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ms dhoni success story

MS Dhoni Success Story

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